Virtually Staged Rooms

Staged Bedroom

Staging can be a crucial step when listing a property and trying to get top dollar. Truthfully, some buyers in the market are not really wired to see how to use "space" when there isn't furniture in place.  A great professional stager will usually work with a sellers' existing furniture or the seller also has the option to rent staging furniture for the listing period. The cost of actual staging varies but usually pays for itself by helping a home be more inviting and thus sell quicker! A great alternative to keep costs down is to consider virtual staging. Virtual staging is literally just as described, the agent or the stager selects room decor for all of the social media and MLS listings. The photos attached are virtually staged!


Before After
Unstaged Living Room
Staged Living Room
Unstaged Dining Room
Staged Dining Room
Unstaged Entertainment Room
Unstaged Entertainment Room
Unstaged Master Bedroom
Staged Master Bedroom
Unstaged Bedroom
Staged Bedroom
Unstaged Nursery
Staged Nursery
Unstaged Office
Staged Office
Unstaged Patio Space
Staged Patio Space